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12 Rolls of Film – December 2012


It’s just a coincidence that my 12 Rolls of Film project wrapped up in December. It should have been finished by August, but I got off to a late start due to technical difficulties. Anyway, it’s been a fun experiment to shoot with film. I learned a few things when I experimented with a camera […]

12 Rolls of Film – November 2012


Went to a combined birthday party for several Twitter friends at Ice Palace. I’m almost done with this project. I’m just looking for something to do with a film camera that I haven’t tried yet.

Mad Marv’s Notebook – Episode 23


Talking about work and a photography club meetup. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

12 Rolls of Film – July 2012


More camera tossing. This time I think I’m getting the hang of the long exposure technique. The catching technique, not so much. The light sources in this set are fireworks from the Hilton Hawaiian Villages weekly fireworks show.